Teammates At The Toto HK Table

If you think that you are all alone in a poker table then why don’t you get a teammate to help you out? Team Toto HK is something that should be done very subtly. You should not be obvious when you play team poker at the poker table. What happens if you become obvious? I am sure you know that you will certainly get kicked out of the Poker table if you do that. The other guys will smell something fishy and they will kick you out as soon as they notice that you are pulling off a stunt.
You may be wondering, how do you play team poker anyway? Here are some techniques in playing like partners or playing like a team. One way to play like a team is the chip donation. For example, if you are three players that have equal amount of chips and you are partners with the other person then you can wait for the two of you to meet up in a match. When the opponent is out of the round, you and your partner can simply go all in and then the winner will end up with twice as much chips as the opponent. Your team mate or you will have a bigger chance of winning the pot. If you have twice as much chips as the other person then you can definitely bully him or her around. If you put this in a larger scale, then it can be scarier for an opponent. If you are four at the poker table and three of you are team mates then all of you can simply give your chips to your team mate and give him or her the chance to win. When the winner emerges, you can simply divide the winnings amongst …

Chartwell Technology Announces the Launch of its New Online เเทงหวยออนไลน์ Network

Chartwell Technology Inc. a premier software provider, for both mobile and online gaming, has announced its new online network of poker sites. The online เเทงหวยออนไลน์ software from Chartwell has been licensed to power the new network. The newly started network of online poker rooms is called PokerNexus. This new network will be operated by Eliteclub Management N.V. and backed by Chartwell’s back end solutions. It already has two European sites as its members and Chartwell is confident that it will be able to add many other sites to it, by the end of the present financial year. The acquisition of online gaming software company, Micropower Corporation has proved to be a major strategic advantage and has greatly aided Chartwell to kickstart the new online Poker network. Chartwell President Darold Parker stated that the launch of this new technologically advanced product would be able to cater to the needs of all the users and would also bring returns to the company owing to the unique business model and the new technology platform on which it was based. Chartwell expects to make a good profit from this new venture that will contribute to the over-all revenue model of the company in the times to come. reports:
“The acquisition of Micropower met two key objectives of our poker strategy” explained Chatwell President and CEO Darold Parken. “By adding advanced poker software and a greatly expanded poker team, we have enabled the Company to launch a feature-rich, scalable product that meets the needs of our clients.”
Annie Duke to Play in the Chicago Poker Championships
Eagle Games reports that well-known professional poker player Annie Duke will play in the DD Poker event of Chicago Poker Championships that will be held on August 12th. Among women in World Series of Poker history, Annie Duke …

Money_1985 Wins situs slot deposit pulsa WCOOP Event 41

Sundays are traditionally the biggest day in an online tournament player’s week, with the largest tournaments scheduled to take place. This week was no exception, with a $215 No Limit situs slot deposit pulsa tournament sporting a $1.5 Million guaranteed prize pool taking place, just as usual. The difference being, however, that this wasn’t your regular Sunday Million but rather the WCOOP Event 41, so the eventual winner Money_1985 walked away not only with the cash prize, but also a golden PokerStars WCOOP bracelet and a healthy dose of prestige.
The World Championship of Online Poker is an annual poker tournament series. It is the largest of its kind online, and is hosted at internet poker giant PokerStars, thus opening its doors to US and international players alike. The variety of exciting events and the amount of money up for grabs seems to keep growing each year since the inaugural series, and this year we’re seeing 62 events and an amazing $50,000,000 in guaranteed prize pools.
PokerStars tries to offer a great variety of WCOOP events, both varying in format and game, and this goes a long way to keeping the series exciting and drawing crowds. At the end of the day, though, easily the most popular game in the world at the moment is No Limit Texas Hold’Em, and Event 41 was one of several events that offered entrants exactly that.
Proving that PokerStars knows what the people want, 9587 individuals registered for the tournament, either by buying in directly for $200 +$15 or by winning one of the many satellite tournaments that PokerStars ran for the event. This number was enough to far exceed the $1.5 Million guarantee, with the final prize pool weighing in at a very respectable $1,917,400.00. The top 1260 places paid, and if managed …

Joe Cada Exclusive Interview at hk prize

On November 10th, Joe Cada changed poker history as the youngest man to ever win the World Series of hk prize Main Event. Few expected the record would be broken so soon, since Peter Eastgate had just set it in 2008 at the age of 22, but the 21-year-old Cada was able to withstand the competition and take down this year’s final table. Following his win, Cada graciously allowed to take a first hand look into his thoughts on his win, the final table break, and more.
As you may recall, Cada started the final table in 5th place with 13,215,000 chips. Struggling, Cada soon found himself as the small stack of the table, even down to the point of just 2 million chips. A majority of people hadn’t expected the comeback that Cada made, not even Cada himself. As quoted in his exclusive interview with, Joe Cada stated, “I wanted to win. I didn’t expect to win. I knew the odds we stacked against me, and it didn’t stop me from wanting it, but it did stop me from expecting it. [When I was down to 2 million chips] I was looking down at my hands and started to get very disappointed. I thought, I’m going to finish in 7th, for sure.”
However, all that changed when he was able to double up, twice, in hands against Jeff Shulman and Darvin Moon. From there, Cada was able to add to his healthy chip stack size, get heads-up against Darvin Moon, and take down the $8,546,435 first place prize, along with the coveted World Series of Poker Main Event world championship bracelet. Cada said the first purchase with his prize money was a bunch of push pops for his loyal friends who had sore throats from cheering him …

keluar sgp Leaderboards – July Winners and Current Leaders

Friday is finally here, which means it’s time for another keluar sgp Leaderboard report. It’s also the start of a new month, and the standings for July are now updated with the monthly winners. Let’s see who won last week’s weekly board, who won it idn poker online all for July, and who the current weekly leaders are.
peluang menang game kartu idn poker online hanya bersama kami poker369 yang mendapatkan sertifikat resmi.
The winners of last week’s weekly leaderboard:

1. alienface – 1680 pts
2. WillyNilly – 1616 pts
3. Panicked – 1598 pts

Congratulations to alienface who, once again, wins a weekly leaderboard. This guy is incredible! I’ve been covering the Bodog leaderboard for 15 weeks now, and he has won the weekly leaderboard 4 times – a very impressive record indeed. Unlike previous weeks, though, he didn’t jump out to a fast start and hold the lead for 7 days straight. If you recall last week, he was all the way down in 29th place at one point, with only 689 points. He didn’t start to make his move until the second to last day of the week (standings for this day posted on Sunday), when he increased his point total to 1121 and rose to 15th place. On the very last day of the weekly leaderboard race, he increased his point total again, this time to 1680. This was enough to move him up 15 places in the standings, past WillyNilly and into first place. Wow. The person who was in first place last Friday, Killa_Tyven, ended up in 4th place.

When I wrote last week, alienface was in first place in the monthly standings, but both ParliGod and cream420 were close behind in 2nd and 3rd place respectively. Did alienface keep his top spot and …

Poker After Dark vs. High Stakes Poker

Come with me now as we journey back through the misty mists of time. To an era when High Stakes Poker and Poker After Dark ruled the roost. Before the proliferation of poker game shows, these were the only felt-centric TV spectacles worth talking about.
The differences between them were more technical details than anything philosophical. PAD featured almost exclusively single table tournaments, like insanely stacked online SitnGos. Old hands and up and comers would battle it out, dropping one by one as their skill or luck ran dry.

High Stakes Poker, on the other hand, has always been about the cash games. It was more like being a fly on the wall in Bobby’s Room. Huge ring games happen in Vegas all the time and the likes of Doyle Brunson have made a living sitting in on them. For the bankrolled pros at the table it was just another day, but for us it was a window into a ridiculous world where money means nothing and everything all at once.
Fast forward to the present day and you’ll see that things have changed a little. Once again PAD and HSP are the premiere poker shows, but this time it has less to do with their quality. Black Friday has networks squirming in their seats and the instant reactions has been to cull with reckless abandon. The Big Game, Million Dollar Challenge and crypto gambling T have all been axed, leaving our old favorites as the only remaining bastions of poker television.
But things are different too in these old haunts. Divisions now spread further than format, they drive right down to temperament.
With Norm MacDonald in the booth and a handful of rich businessmen at the table, High Stakes Poker has become more about goofing around than high class …

Second season of World Poker Tour

Unique Casino

WPTIt seems like the World Poker Tour has been around for a long time, but it has just ended its first year on the air. And what an impact it has had on the poker world, as the public has certainly embraced the WPT. It has also become the highest-rated show in the history of the Travel Channel. Hats off to Steve Lipscomb (WPT founder) for taking a dream and making it happen.

Wednesday night has become “poker night” across the nation, and season two on the WPT is now under way. (You can watch it every Wednesday night on the Travel Channel.) The WPT shows in season two are a cut above last year’s, with better production, better graphics and better commentary (hopefully), and, most importantly, better poker.

Players are talking about the “wow” impact the World Poker   unique casino Tour has had on bringing exposure and new players to poker. One of them said, “Poker is hotter today than disco was in the 1970s.” I love that line. Poker has become “cool”, and millions are watching every week. It seems like every event on the WPT in season two is setting a record for number of entrants and prize money.

The shows appeal to anyone who has ever played poker, as well as fans of “last man standing” reality TV. It allows viewers to live vicariously through the players because of the WPT lipstick cameras, which show the players’ cards. Not only are the shows exciting and entertaining, but people recognize that they can become better poker players by watching the WPT.

The first show of the new season was the Legends of Poker at The Bicycle Casino. In that event, longtime pro Mel Judah came from being the short stack to capture the title. (In addition to …


Pengeluaran SGP

Jika Anda akrab dengan dunia menarik Las Vegas, dan Anda akrab dengan kemungkinan World Wide Web, maka pernikahan antara keduanya mungkin jelas bagi Anda. Banyak orang, mungkin seperti Anda, adalah penggemar gaya hidup Vegas, dan baru-baru ini menyadari fakta bahwa Anda benar-benar dapat memasang taruhan di Internet. Banyak yang menganggap ada terlalu banyak masalah keamanan, tetapi ternyata, dengan upaya dan teknologi, kasino online telah menjadi arus utama. Belum lama ini Anda dapat dengan mudah menyadari keberadaan kasino online, tetapi baru-baru ini, daya tarik komunitas internet untuk perjudian online telah mencapai ketinggian baru.

Jadi apa itu kasino online? Dan bagaimana mereka berbeda dari kasino darat tradisional? Yah itu pasti sepupu dekat dengan perjudian darat teman lama kami, karena Anda mungkin tahu ada banyak permainan di dalam dinding kasino yang sudah digital. Perjudian modern semakin berbasis teknologi. Mesin slot dijalankan dari mikroprosesor, mesin video poker adalah biner ke inti, dan banyak permainan meja memiliki logika sederhana, yang memungkinkan mereka untuk dengan mudah membuat versi perangkat lunak dari permainan. Kemudian ketika keamanan transaksi online dan privasi terjebak dengan imajinasi para pembuat dan pemain game, versi gratis dari blackjack online, slot, dan sejuta game lainnya, tiba-tiba menjadi kenyataan dan perjudian online lahir.

Sebagian besar kasino online memungkinkan Anda membuka akun melalui transaksi kartu kredit, atau beberapa layanan proxy yang dirancang khusus untuk pembelian online seperti Pay-Pal. Prosedur standarnya adalah mengunduh paket dari salah satu kasino online ini dan menjalankan perangkat lunaknya. Dalam perangkat lunak biasanya ada beberapa pilihan, dan Anda mungkin dapat memainkan pilihan permainan secara gratis Pengeluaran SGP sebelum Anda mendaftar. Pada saat itu Anda memiliki opsi untuk mengunjungi layar pendaftaran dan memasukkan nomor kartu kredit Anda, atau membeli kredit melalui metode pembayaran alternatif. Jika Anda terhubung ke Internet, perangkat lunak dapat berkomunikasi dengan server kasino, dan menyetujui transaksi kredit Anda. Sejak saat …

Overdue 먹튀검증사이트 Jackpots and a Jackpot Winner That’s Set for Retirement


We’ve got a few hot online slots jackpots to tell you about and then a story about a life-changing jackpot win.
Hot Online Slots Jackpots
All of the slots games at are tied to the same progressive jackpot so it racks up pretty quickly. In April, a Canadian online slots player known as POWERBALL won $165,900 playing their Tropical Treat slot machine and then it was hit again in May for about the same amount (see below).
Now it seems about ready to blow once again! It’s well over $100,000 now. Historically, it seldom goes over $150,000. So if you haven’t tried theamazing, totally unique games at, this might be a good time. If you want to qualify for the big one, be sure to place max bets.

The progressive jackpot at WinADay’s sister site,, is also well over $100,000. This is another one that is usually won before it goes over $150,000 all the regulars that have played there for years are watching it pretty closely.

If you want to take a shot at some really big online slots jackpots, the Jackpot Pinatas, Aztec’s Millions and Midlife Crisis/Shopping Spree progressive jackpots are all well over a million dollars. You can play these at Intertops Casino, Jackpot Capital Casino, Grande Vegas Casino or Slotastic.

All of these sites welcome U.S. players.

$167,648 Jackpot Makes a Great Retirement Nest Egg
Some of us save all our lives for retirement – some just get lucky! A senior citizen preparing to retire next year has won a massive $167,648 progressive jackpot at The player, known as GOLD1968, won the big one playing one of her favorite 먹튀검증사이트 slots, Vegas Mania.
“I’ve often imagined what it must feel like to win a big jackpot – and now I know. It’s …

Buying a book will not make you an instant Link Alternatif Sbobet winner

Link Alternatif Sbobet

I learned the hard way that just because you buy a book on gambling (card counting in my case), that does not mean you are going to win. Actually, the opposite happened. So far, using the card counting system in this book, I have lost twice what I normally lose. Barry C.
Question for you, Barry. Did you really read and digest the entire book? I say that because there are two inherent problems when you buy any publication on casino gambling. Both could cost you plenty of money. First, you might feel that you have improved your game just by buying the book and start gambling with total abandon. You would be surprised how many gamblers purchase gambling books just to build self-confidence but do nothing more than read them summarily. Besides, card counting takes enormous study and years of practice, not a light bedside read and then off to conquer the casino. Getting the concept is one thing; becoming adept is quite another.

Also, there is always the possibility that you purchased bad book, filled with inaccurate card-counting information. But, Barry, I have a gut feeling it was the former.

Dear Mark,
I was sitting around shooting the breeze with some friends the other night after visiting one of the local casinos. I have thought that working in a casino for a spell might be an interesting thing to do. Since you’ve been there, done that, what would you say is the best job in the casino? (Owning one doesn’t count). Mike K.

What originally was supposed to be a “spell,” Mike, ended up being an 18-year career.

The job description of a Link Alternatif Sbobet casino employee is to put on a show, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, of a quality that will provide …