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keluar sgp Leaderboards – July Winners and Current Leaders


Friday is finally here, which means it’s time for another keluar sgp Leaderboard report. It’s also the start of a new month, and the standings for July are now updated with the monthly winners. Let’s see who won last week’s weekly board, who won it all for July, and who the current weekly leaders are.

The winners of last week’s weekly leaderboard:

1. alienface – 1680 pts
2. WillyNilly – 1616 pts
3. Panicked – 1598 pts

Congratulations to alienface who, once again, wins a weekly leaderboard. This guy is incredible! I’ve been covering the Bodog leaderboard for 15 weeks now, and he has won the weekly leaderboard 4 times – a very impressive record indeed. Unlike previous weeks, though, he didn’t jump out to a fast start and hold the lead for 7 days straight. If you recall last week, he was all the way down in 29th place at one point, with only 689 points. He didn’t start to make his move until the second to last day of the week (standings for this day posted on Sunday), when he increased his point total to 1121 and rose to 15th place. On the very last day of the weekly leaderboard race, he increased his point total again, this time to 1680. This was enough to move him up 15 places in the standings, past WillyNilly and into first place. Wow. The person who was in first place last Friday, Killa_Tyven, ended up in 4th place.

When I wrote last week, alienface was in first place in the monthly standings, but both ParliGod and cream420 were close behind in 2nd and 3rd place respectively. Did alienface keep his top spot and will alienface just dominate this article?? Here are the final July standings (just posted today):

1. alienface – 5011 pts
2. ParliGod – 4774 pts
3. cream420 – 4458 pts
4. JessDSL – 3961 pts
5. hahaustink – 3936 pts
6. WillyNilly – 3912 pts
7. mr_dynomite – 3875 pts
8. GoBilliards – 3790 pts
9. Dartanian – 3735 pts
10. vinnyb9 – 3722 pts
11. nevertilt22 – 3682 pts
12. rstewart13aggie – 3463 pts
13. Killa_Tyven – 3462 pts
14. illshiz – 3427 pts
15. alcarmo – 3345 pts
16. FLUSH634 – 3343 pts
17. dukedaddie – 3319 pts
18. Panicked – 3309 pts
19. TheMicrowave – 3305 pts
20. TakeEmOut – 3157 pts
21. shawncarter – 3139 pts
22. gotzballz – 3091 pts
23. drexxel7 – 3087 pts
24. andyvanslyke – 3042 pts
25. cusee – 3021 pts
26. Boswan – 3001 pts
27. Mr__Blonde – 2984 pts
28. deadmoney627 – 2983 pts
29. Nate Avenson – 2969 pts
30. Anna28 – 2963 pts

The answers to my questions: yes and yes. Really, there’s no way alienface was losing after his great week on the weekly leaderboards. Clearly he has been playing a lot of poker and placing really well! Congratulations to alienface who has won the monthly leaderboard for the second consecutive month. Usually the monthly leaderboard winner would receive an entry to a 2-table SnG for the chance to win a $12,000 Players Choice prize package (for more information, click here to read the first Bodog Leaderboard article where all the leaderboard prizes are listed). Because alienface has already won a monthly leaderboard, though, he will receive T$2000 instead and ParliGod will receive the entry instead. That’s good news for ParliGod, who also played great this past month and deserves an entry to that exclusive tournament. Over the past 30 days, he has been in the top 10 for the month for 26 of them! The only current record better than that is held by 3rd place winner, cream420. Cream420 has been in the top 10 every single day out of the past 30 days. That is very impressive!

Finally, let’s look at the current weekly standings. Here is the weekly leaderboard top ten so far:

1. mr_dynomite – 1746 pts
2. ParliGod – 1570 pts
3. Killa_Tyven – 1418 pts
4. Troy111 – 1363 pts
5. Ramux – 1266 pts
6. TakeEmOut – 1174 pts
7. JessDSL – 1163 pts
8. alienface – 1130 pts
9. shawncarter – 1117 pts
10. cusee – 1084 pts

Mr_dynomite, who won the weekly leaderboard the last week of June of this year, sits in first place with a decent 176 point lead over ParliGod. ParliGod is doing quite well lately – let’s see if he can take over first place before the week is over. Killa_Tyven, who was in 4th place last week, sits in 3rd place. He had 1st place taken away from him last week, so maybe he will do the same to mr_dynomite this week! Alienface is there lurking around in 8th place. Seeing as he came back to win last week’s board down in 29th place at this time last Friday, you can never rule him out.

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