Have you got what it takes to be a professional ligaz888 gambler?


Last year, a major casino company released the results of an extensive survey of the American public’s views on gambling. One of the questions asked was, ãWhy do you gamble?ä The top two responses were ãentertainmentä and ãsocial interaction.ä Coming in a distant third was ãto win.ä Is having fun more important to gamblers than winning?


Not a chance!

Survey or no survey, I’ll lay you 3-to-1 that most gamblers would happily choose playing alone with a grumpy dealer and winning, over being at the friendliest table in the universe where they’re losing two out of every three hands. When you’re winning, entertainment and social interaction take care of themselves.


If winning is good, then winning big is better and winning consistently is best. Consistent winners are rare, to be sure, but they are real. And anyone who’s developed the gambling expertise necessary to win consistently is a candidate to go to the nextsome might say the ultimatelevel: the professional gambler.


Making a living as a gambler is a romantic, exciting prospect that’s no doubt crossed the mind of anyone who’s ever walked away from a gambling table with a fistful of chips. And guess whatit can be done. But you’d better think double hard before making this career move; gambling for your paycheck is a seriously tough way to pay the rent. I’ve heard many ligaz888 gamblers claim to be professionals. Upon inspection, though, the claims are rarely supportable. As the term implies, a professional gambler earns his living by gambling. He doesn’t supplement his bankroll with a paycheck from his day job. Gambling is his day job. In its most primitive form, gambling professionally is a grueling, hand-to-mouth existence. In its most highly developed state, it’s a frenetic world of mathematics, computer analysis, training, …