Russian Roulette

Situs Poker Online 2021

Who knows what Russian roulette is?  Is it that game (almost exclusively applicable to the male of the species) in which, for a wager, a fruitcake puts one live bullet in a gun, spins the barrel, points it at what’s left of his brains, and pulls the trigger? Most definitely not!


In poker, Russian roulette is a lottery in which poker players pull up varying amounts of hard-earned cash to play in tournaments — oops, I mean crapshoots. But unlike the head-case with the gun who gets to die only once, our colleagues get to repeatedly scramble the grey matter between their ears.


You must have witnessed the feeding frenzy that usually precedes the final big tournament in a poker festival. Time has run out for the normal one-table satellites but the organizers invariably seem to find time for one-hand shootouts, and what’s more, they are never short of mostbet casino. Surely, it’s better to take the same money to the roulette or craps table, which feature the exact same skill level but no entry fee. I can only assume that adrenalin has got the better of these players and they have temporarily parted company with reason.


But what about $10,000 crapshoots? As far as I am aware, they are almost exclusively European televised events. To pay full whack for some of these, I think you must either have rich parents, be sponsored, have a huge ego and wallet to match, or just need to appear on television so badly that you will happily pay the full amount. However good you think you are, a fast blind structure virtually negates any edge a poker player might have. Sadly, some tournament organizers do not seem the slightest bit interested in producing shows that allow us to show …