Online Bingo Facts – Did You Know about Togel Hari Ini?

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There is more to Bingo, than just some balls flying around and people crossing

away the numbers. This page shows some interesting facts of the Bingo game

that might be unknown to many of you.


8% of the European population plays Bingo (of which, 10% women and 5% men).

An average game of bingo takes between four and four and a half minutes.

The average checking time (to validate a win) is 30 seconds.

The French were the first to start playing Bingo with cards.

Many celebrities love Bingo. Catherina Zeta Jones and Robbie Williams are two famous Bingo fans.

Bingo became popular in Austria in the beginning of the

20th century, but is called ‘Housie” instead of Bingo.


The most common reason to play Bingo is to socialize

and make friends.

Before it was called Bingo, it was first called “Beano”,

after the dried beans used instead of balls.


A New York Business man, Mr. Lowe, introduced the

Beano game to his friends in New York where one of them

accidentally yelled “BINGO!!”. From this time on, the game

was known as “Lowe’s Bingo”.


Lowe requested from players to pay him $1 per


Some Hints and Tips for playing online Bingo


Bingo is mostly a Togel Hari Ini game of luck. In other words, there are almostno special strategies to learn to play Bingo or books to read, to have a better chance on winning the game. There are however a couple of hints and tips to increase your winning chances and have even more fun while you’re playing the online Bingo games.


Tip 1: Avoid busy Bingo games

Overcrowded bingo games, decrease your winning chances. Your winning chances are maximized in the Bingo games were the number of players …

Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan Out as Full Tilt Poker “ Togel Hari Ini Professional”

Togel Hari Ini



In a surprising occurrence in the online poker world, high stakes poker player Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan is no longer a member of “The Professionals,” the sponsored players for Full Tilt Poker.


Visitors to the Full Tilt Poker website, which once featured Dwan alongside his “Professionals” teammates Gus Hansen and Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom, are now graced with only the visages of Hansen and Blom on the site. According to PokerListing’s Matthew Showell, there was little fanfare over the separation between Dwan and FTP. “Full Tilt Poker and Tom Dwan have agreed to part ways following the recent expiration of Dwan’s contract,” Showell quotes a Full Tilt spokesman as saying. “To have one of the most respected names in poker on our team has been a great pleasure. We will continue to watch Tom at the tables and wish him every success in the future.”


Hansen, Blom and Dwan were brought onboard Full Tilt Poker as “The Professionals” in November 2012 following the rebirth of the site under the auspices of the Rational Group (also the owners of PokerStars). Hansen and Blom have been very active on the new site, with Hansen having a difficult time (according to High Stakes Database, Hansen is down $8.53 million this year alone) and Blom very slightly up (roughly $650,000). The situation for Dwan is much different, however.


Over the past year, Dwan has been moderately active on Full Tilt Poker, scoring roughly $750,000 in profits. High Stakes Database shows, however, that Dwan has had lengthy periods of inactivity; from June through September, there was no movement in his bankroll graph and, following a spurt of activity in September and October, Dwan hasn’t been back since. This could be one of the reasons for the dismissal of Dwan from “The Professionals.”…