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Probability Theory is the only rigorous theory modeling hazard, so any gambling strategy must be probability based.


This statement is the subject of my article below, which is also part of my last book, “Probability Guide of Gambling”. This guide holds a large collection of probability results and strategies, covering thousands of gaming situations from all major games including dice, slots, baccarat, roulette, blackjack, poker, electronic poker, lottery and sports bets.


It is not a classical scientific study, but a manifold application in ‘practical guide’ form. It is structured so gamblers with minimal mathematical background can skip the mathematical parts and directly find the results they need. You can have your own electronic version of this guide at its dedicated website where you can find all details about it, including structure, examples of how the guide helps in gambling decisions and sample paragraphs ( )


In this guide, the presented numerical results are accompanied where considered necessary by recommendations to choose certain gaming variants or even certain games. These recommendations are built on the ‘probability based strategy’ and are stated within the context of the personal criteria of each player, regarding the goal of the game, the process of game and the player’s risk profile.


What does a probability based strategy actually mean?


“A strategy using criteria of evaluation and comparison of probabilities of various gaming events, in making decisions for accomplishing the proposed goal”, might do for a general definition.


In most cases the declared goal of the gambler is immediate winning of cash, but also fun, entertainment or experiencing certain emotions that are specific to competition or risk might be his or her goals.


Here we will show why the probability based strategy is optimal in situations where …

WSOP Chip Togel Hongkong Leader to Donate Winnings to Cancer

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Dennis Philips, the current chip leader in the 2008 WSOP, has announced that he will donate 1% of his winnings to cancer research. That could be as much as $182,000, if he goes on to win the $9,119,517 first-place prize. His sponsor, PokerStars, will match his donation dollar for dollar.


“I am thrilled to contribute a portion of my WSOP earnings to the Prevent Cancer Foundation,” said Phillips. “Charity involvement has always been an important part of my life, and hopefully more poker players and final table participants will follow suit in upcoming poker circuits like the European Poker Tour and the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure.”


Philips is also involved in charity work for multiple sclerosis. His brother was diagnosed with the disease, and he’s been involved ever since. It’s good for the game of poker to see charitable guys like Dennis Philips leading the way for the other players.


Excalibur Casino chips


The first casino has taken the plunge and converted their poker room into a completely automated environment. There will be no more dealers in the Excalibur poker room. They are being replaced by Twelve PokerPro electronic tables, made by PokerTek, the number one manufacturer of automated tables.


“I’m excited to see the turnout,” says Neil Bard, floor manager for the Excalibur. “We are going to have several famous poker pros come to help launch the tables.” He also said that both tournament and cash games will be offered, but limits and game variations have not been worked out yet.


Considering the recent decline in Vegas revenues, these tables could be a needed boost to the casinos’ bottom line. The table game plays 50% more Texas hold’em hands, and a 100% more Omaha, than a game with dealers and chips does. …