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Vegas Trip Day 3 – I finally cash


So Im feeling a little bit better this day, still got no sleep though so I chug a few red bulls.I realize again that the feild is entirely different from the day before. I ask the players at my table if they bought in, and all except 1, won a satellite.

Today the play was much faster, less limping and more calling off stacks with 먹튀검증업and top pair type hands.

By the end of the 2nd 45 minute level we were down from 48 players Australian online casinos to 18 players. Extremely fast for a live tournament.

One player had a collossal stack as he was running over things at his pin-up table. I was on the other table.

I had about an average stack and just really hung out with it for a while at this point as people were dropping like flies.

Then Im at the final table but there is only 5 spots paid. There is one recognizable player to me who I think came 4th or something at the Five Diamond.

It turns out that 3-4 of the players at the final table with me are regulars, and I can tell by the way they talk to each other. The five diamond guy got knocked out but he stuck around to coach his freinds, frequently whispering in there ears and calling them away from the table when they werent in the action to discuss what there strategy should be.

I found this amusing, because it was quite clear that they had an entire false image of me. I overheard him say while pointing at me (not very subtle) dont worry about this guy, its just a matter of time, hes nothing to worry about, ( at this time there was 7 players left with 5 paid and I was about 4th in chips ) he was telling the people with less chips then me to wait for me to do something stupid and bust out and fold through the bubble.

After overhearing this great information with my super dog ears, and lip reading ability I was ready to take advantage.

It happened that two of the players with less chips then we were to my left. They were instructed by there “teacher” to play tight and safe and wait for me to bust. So I raised there Blinds every oppurtunity.

One of those 2 players apparently abandoned his plan after realizing his chips were just getting lower and mine were getting bigger, because he finally called my push on his BB. He did have 88, luckily I had a real hand this specific push AJo, and I was out of my seat and walking away and then bam the A hit the river.

So now there is 6 players left and im about 2nd in chips. Everybody is playing extremely scared to finish in 6th so I naturally raise every hand no matter what it is if im folded too. I quickly built the chip lead, and was building it bigger and bigger. There was one real short stack playing unbeleiveably tight, showing a fold of JJ to a push from a slightly bigger short stack.

Then I pick up JJ raise and the 2nd lowest short stack pushes overtop. I think he has to have a pretty big hand to push me, and I could benefit from getting out and continuing my rape of the bubble. However, I look at the mini mini super tight short stack (not the guy in the hand) and say ” Im going to make you some money with this call ” and I call. The guy flips over 22 and my JJ holds up and the bubble is over.

I have an overwhelming lead and we are in the money, I bust the mini stack so there is 4 left and I decide to chill out and let the other 3 go to war. I had more chips then all of them combined.

By this time I thing they realized how bad there read was on me and knew I was a strong player.

They fight a while and then someone finally busts. So we got 3 left and the players want to chop. Im instructed from the tourney director I cannot chop because I am from Canada. ( i didnt want to anyway, but i was glad to have an excuse ). The other two players make a deal on break that they would split the 2nd and 3rd place prizes if i won, and then would chop the top 2 if i somehow came in 3rd. This chop was against the rules so they made it outside if the room.

To their credit they notified me about it. I thought it was somewhat shady, but realizing there was nothing I could really do ( def was not going to snitch).Im thinking how could the deal effect the play ?

Well they may be more apt to gamble knowing finishing 3rd is the same money as 2nd for them. I had a big lead so any thing about staying out of each others way probably wasnt going to work for them. I figure the deal is good for me.

I accepted the fact they made this agreement and gave them my blessing.

Then we go back to play.

I raise from button, the sb pushes, I have 10-9 offsuit, I have 2-1 odds in the pot and I figure he is just gambling because he is short and has accepted his fate of splitting the 2nd and 3rd prizes. So I call. He flips A6off, I was a 3-2 dog with 2-1 odds. Ill take that anyday. So I lose the pot and he doubles up.

A couple hands later the other stack now the smallest makes a raise, I push with my 10,10. He thinks then calls with AJ and wins the race.

So now ive doubled them both up and things are not looking as good.

To save myself reliving through the rest of the pain, i went card dead, lost more races and ended up in 3rd place for 3k.

At least I finally cashed at the Bellagio, and I was very happy with my play. Now I am ready for Australia, and I hop on the flight the next day.

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