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3 Reasons Why Freelancing is Not Easy Money Making but easy at Translation Company UK


Some people would argue with me that freelancing is the easiest way to make money online.

Ok, so you have the skills (at least you think you have) and jump right in to the freelancing industry thinking that you can dominate the industry with your skills.

There are some people who actually believe that they can be freelancers with minimal skills or no special skills at all.

It is proven through my experience that freelancing is not as easy as everyone else thinks.

With or without skills, freelancing is not easy but not impossible.

#1 Competition among freelancers

Competition is normal. In fact, it is what we have to deal with every day. To get the right job, you have to compete with at least a dozen freelancers.

To get the best jobs, there would be hundreds of freelancers heading towards the same direction.

To stay in the industry, you need to have something unique, something that cannot be found in other freelancers. To be unique is the challenge.

With writing skills alone, you can hardly survive the freelance writing industry (if you want to be a freelance writer). More about Translation Company UK

With typing skills alone, you won’t have a career as a virtual assistant.

You need a combination of several skills to get to the top. This is why it is very important to learn something new every day and be sure to stay up-to-date with current freelancing trend.

Some important skills you need to be successful in freelancing:

article marketing
blogging – WordPress, Blogger, CSS, HTML, e.t.c.
#2 Fighting for the best rates

If you have been in the industry long enough, you will know just how many freelancer writers out there who are willing to sell their work for a very, very low price.

Don’t be surprised to come across rates such as $1 / 500 words type of articles.

Usually it is a common problem for new freelancers who venture into or any other freelancing job sites to bid for jobs. You need to bid a low price in order to get the job.

If you can score a job that pays well from the beginning, it would be a great start but then again, not everyone is lucky enough to land a high paying job in the first week of freelancing.

#3 The risk of getting scammed

We have heard stories about freelancers not getting paid for their work.

This is a risk every freelancers must go through every day.

There are warnings to look out for so be sure to equip yourself with as much information and knowledge on scams to avoid being scammed.


Freelancing is not easy but not impossible.

With so many challenges ahead, you need to be fully prepared in order to be a successful freelancer and earn an income beyond your imagination.

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