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Online Bingo Facts – Did You Know about Togel Hari Ini?




There is more to Bingo, than just some balls flying around and people crossing

away the numbers. This page shows some interesting facts of the Bingo game

that might be unknown to many of you.


8% of the European population plays Bingo (of which, 10% women and 5% men).

An average game of bingo takes between four and four and a half minutes.

The average checking time (to validate a win) is 30 seconds.

The French were the first to start playing Bingo with cards.

Many celebrities love Bingo. Catherina Zeta Jones and Robbie Williams are two famous Bingo fans.

Bingo became popular in Austria in the beginning of the

20th century, but is called ‘Housie” instead of Bingo.


The most common reason to play Bingo is to socialize

and make friends.

Before it was called Bingo, it was first called “Beano”,

after the dried beans used instead of balls.


A New York Business man, Mr. Lowe, introduced the

Beano game to his friends in New York where one of them

accidentally yelled “BINGO!!”. From this time on, the game

was known as “Lowe’s Bingo”.


Lowe requested from players to pay him $1 per


Some Hints and Tips for playing online Bingo


Bingo is mostly a Togel Hari Ini game of luck. In other words, there are almostno special strategies to learn to play Bingo or books to read, to have a better chance on winning the game. There are however a couple of hints and tips to increase your winning chances and have even more fun while you’re playing the online Bingo games.


Tip 1: Avoid busy Bingo games

Overcrowded bingo games, decrease your winning chances. Your winning chances are maximized in the Bingo games were the number of players are balanced right.


Tip 2: Join >25 cents games

The games where they sell the cards for more than 25 cents, have usually larger cash prizes.



Tip 3: Online Bingo community

You should really join an online bingo community. Here you’ll receive a lot of advice and tips from other Bingo players.


Tip 4: Find the Best Bonuses

Bonuses can even double your playing money, so check out

where the bonuses are the best.


Tip 5: Change cards

Almost all online Bingo Rooms have the possibility to change

cards if you don’t like them, so use that opportunity.


Tip 6: Find a respected Bingo Room

This is a very important tip. Play only at well known and reputable

Bingo Rooms and Bingo Rooms that have been reviewed by independent

Bingo portals and sites, to make sure that you will be paid out if you win

the game.


Odds and bettings for internet Bingo games


In a chance game like internet Bingo, there aren’t any real bets or odds. In some internet Bingo Rooms you maybe have to pay an attendance fee, but just looking at a bingo game doesn’t cost anything. For participating however, you need to purchase one or more bingo cards. In some internet Bingo games you are allowed to play with more than 1 bingo card at the same session, which increases your winning chances.


The odds in bingo games, depend on several elements in the game. Most importantly it depends on the allowed amount of selected numbers that a player needs to hit the jackpot. The less numbers a player need to win the jackpot, the higher the winning odds of this specific game are. The rest of the odds depend mostly on the game environment: the type of bingo cards, number of players in the game, the number of allowed patterns and the number of bingo cards allowed to play at the same time. There are some internet Bingo games that have a progressive jackpot, the odds to win this jackpot are low, but the jackpot is usually much higher than the regular jackpot.


Another important element is the “jackpot ball restriction”. Almost all the jackpot games are blackout games, meaning that you need to cover all the numbers on the bingo card to win the Togel Hari Ini jackpot. When a game has a “jackpot ball restriction” you need to have a blackout within a certain amount of draws to be entitled to win the jackpot. If you cover the whole card after the limit number of draws, you won’t win the jackpot prize. The odds for these games are calculated based on the number of bingo draws are allowed, the amount of numbers on the bingo card and the number of players in the game. The best odds would be in a internet bingo game with a small number of players, a small amount of numbers on the card and a large number of allowed draws.

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